Zoe Perrett Amuse Bouche editor by Alice Griffiths


Amuse Bouche is an online magazine created by Zoë Perrett, former editor of national premium food and travel title, Good Things.

Primarily concerned with the thoroughly enjoyable art of eating (in, out, pretty much wherever you can shake it all about), Amuse Bouche also dives into the field of luxury travel, and, thanks to the founder finding herself with a pair of almost-stepkids, examines experiences which
offer fun for all the family.

(In)Frequently Asked Questions

What are those weird dots above the e in your name?
That’s an umlaut. It turns the pronunciation of my name from ‘Zo’ to ‘Zo-ee’ with a long ‘e’ (although nowhere near as long as the way the kids love to stretch it out… ‘Zoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’)

Who took that profile picture?
Alice Griffiths, my absolutely fabulous friend and top talent (she’s the Picture Researcher for Stylist & Shortlist magazines).

Who is that ‘LB’ character mentioned so frequently in your reviews?
My other ‘arf, father of two small and rather amazing
children. Answers both to ‘James’ and to the ironic moniker ‘Luxury Boyfriend’.

Are you on social media?
Isn’t everyone? Well, you are at least, or you wouldn’t be
asking that question. So check out Amuse Bouche as @amusethebouche on…


Why did you name the website Amuse Bouche?
Because I’m a fan of a double entendre. The phrase is
swish-food-related and also literally means ‘mouth-amuser’ – given that this website’s content is about lovely things that should raise a smile, it seemed pretty apt.

You haven’t answered my question anywhere above!
Sorry. Find the Amuse Bouche contact form here.