Leeds Leeds: Matt Healy at The Foundry

Matt Healy x The Foundry pass

Chef Matt Healy has breathed a new lease of life into a local institution and, says Zoë Perrett in her review for Edit Magazine, the Leeds lad is doing his home city proud

When you’re just about to get your hands on the keys to your new house, paying a visit to anywhere with covetable interiors is playing a dangerous game.

And so it goes with The Foundry in Leeds, where smoky mirrors, turquoise neon signage, and bare brickwork juxtaposed with teal velvet have us mentally frittering away half of our doer-upper’s budget before we’ve even got to the bottom of our pre-prandial g&ts. Tucked away in Saw Mill Yard, with a ritzed-up industrial vibe within and a courtyard-facing terrace without, The Foundry is a thoroughly pleasant place to ensconce oneself of an afternoon or evening.

But what of the food? Well, The Foundry’s kitchen is the domain of MasterChef: The Professionals runner-up Matt Healy; information which should provide an inkling that your stomach is in safe hands….

Make it happen

Where: Matt Healy at The Foundry, 1 Saw Mill Street, Leeds LS11 5WH
Find out more: Read the full review on Edit Magazine‘s website here

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